Dara Shikoh By Qazi Abdul Sattar Pdf Free Download

Book Name: Dara Shikoh

Writer: Qazi Abdul Sattar


The book Dara Shikoh Novel Pdf is outstanding writing by Qazi Abdul Sattar. He was a famous short story writer and novelist who penned some best selling Urdu novels. His genre of writing was mainly historical, and he wrote on these topics; Salahuddin Ayubi, Shab Ghazida, Khalid Ibn Waleed, and the last one Dara Shikoh. He was a Professor of Urdu at Aligarh University and served department with zest and zeal.

This book Dara Shikoh Novel Pdf is an epic historical work by the writer. It is a remarkable book in which the writer told the life struggles of the eldest son of the fifth Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan had four sons namely Aurangzeb, Dara Shukoh, Shah Shuja, and Murad Bakhsh. And, Dara Shukoh was the heir-apparent of his father but, Aurangzeb killed him and rose to thrown. It was such a bloodiest fight of thrown which fought between four brothers. I hope you will also like this book Dara Shikoh Novel.

Here on Library Pk, You can Download Qazi Abdul Sattar Novels in free PDF Format. You may read  Ahram e Misr History UrduTareekh e Jahangir Urdu By Beeni ParshadKulliyat e Rajinder Singh Bedi Vol 2.

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