Tohfa Panjtan Pak By Muhammad Ilyas Adil Pdf

Book Name: Tohfa Panjtan Pak

Writer: Muhammad Ilyas Adil


Muhammad Ilyas Adil is the writer of the book Tohfa Panjtan Pak Pdf. He authored these instrumental and Islamic books in the context of Panjtan Pak. This book is a combination of many things such as Wazaif e Muhammadi, Amaa e Muhammadi, Asmaa e Ali, Asmaa e Fatima, and much more.

The book Tohfa Panjtan Pak Pdf is a beautiful Islamic gift by Muhammad Ilyas Adil. It is a great book that gives a piece of authentic information about the recitation of different verses. This book became one of the most popular Islamic books among Muslims due to many useful reciting verses. I hope you like the book Tohfa Panjtan Pak Pdf by Muhammad Ilyas Adil and share it with your friends.

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