End Of Time Urdu By Dr Shahid Masood Pdf Download

Book Name: End Of Time Urdu

Writer: Dr Shahid Masood


The book End Of Time Urdu Pdf is written by Dr Shahid Masood. He is one of the greatest anchors in Pakistan. He wrote this book about future predictions and got fame worldwide. His most of the works always brought him to the mainstream fame because he is the TV anchor, Analyst, and a scholar.

This book End Of Time Urdu Pdf is the masterpiece work by Dr Shahid Masood. He described many events which have happened yet and still have to happen. He gave authentic references from the Quran and Ahadeeth. Before he told the people about the day of judgment, he pointed out the arrival of Dajjal in the world. Dr. also highlighted the arrival of the Imam Mehdi A.S and about Armajdun. We hope you will like the book End Of Time Urdu Pdf.

Here on site, You can download Dr Shahid Masood’s Urdu books in Pdf. You can also read Aftab e Nabuwat Ki Sunehri ShuaeinSafeeran e Haram and Naqabil e Faramosh.

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