Sahih Muslim Hadith Urdu Download Free Pdf

Book Name: Sahih Muslim Hadith Urdu

Writer: Imam Muslim Bin Hajjaj Al Qushairi


Imam Muslim Ibn Al Hajjaj compiled this authentic collection of book Sahih Muslim Urdu Pdf. He was one of the greatest scholars of Islam who led their whole life for the search of knowledge. He born in Persia and started to seek knowledge of Hadith in his early age. Imam Muslim went to many places and learnt the basic knowledge of Ahadith from various teachers of the different countries.

The book Sahih Muslim Urdu Pdf is the most authentic collection of Ahadith after Sahih Bukhari. It has more than 300,000 Ahadith in which 4000 Hadith meet the plural criteria of authenticity. All the Muslims sects believe in its authenticity because many scholars from the world consider this book as the best one. It includes in the Sihah e Sitta, and all the people have complete faith in it. I hope you will like this book Sahih Muslim Urdu Pdf.

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