Uloom e Nabuwat By Pir Karam Shah Azhari Pdf

Book Name: Uloom e Nabuwat

Writer: Peer Karam Shah Al-Azhari


Peer Karam Shah Sahib writes the book Uloom e Nabuwat Pdf. He is the most outstanding scholar and spiritual personality in the Muslim world. Peer Karam Shah Al Azhari wrote many books on Islam and Islamic history. But one of his works will be remembered: Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu.

The book Uloom e Nabuwat Urdu Pdf is another prolific work of Pir Muhammad Karam Shah Al-Azhari. This book is about the knowledge of Rasool Allah SAW. Allah bestowed excellent knowledge to his most beloved prophet.

In this book, Peer Karam Shah Al Azhari gave some trustable references about the complete knowledge of the Holy Prophet – the last Prophet of Allah on the earth. We hope our Urdu readers will like the book Uloom e Nabuwat Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends.

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