Naag Rani Novel By Zulfiqar Arshad Gilani Pdf

Book Name: Naag Rani Novel

Author: Zulfiqar Arshad Gilani


Zulfiqar Arshad Gilani writes the book Naag Rani Novel Pdf Complete. It is a fantastic horror, fiction, and thriller novel published in Darr Digest. It is the story of a girl with strange and mysterious powers. She was the symbol of threat for those who created the menace in society. Due to her irregular evil solid forces, she killed many people and finally faced a rival in the shape of a king.

Zulfiqar Arshad Gilani is a famous Urdu fiction writer and novelist. He created many outstanding characters, which became popular within days. Moreover, Zulfiqar Arshad Gilani is the author of many bestsellers, including Awarah, Rawaj, and this Nag Rani. Most of his stories are published in famous Urdu magazines and digests. This novel is full of horror, suspense, action, and thriller. It grabbed the attention of readers who like to read Khaufnak Digests.

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