Sunehray Naqoosh by Abdul Malik Mujahid Pdf

Book name: Sunehray Naqoosh

Writer: Abdul Malik Mujahid


Abdul Malik Mujahid is the author of the book Sunehray Naqoosh pdf. The author of the Islamic book is a famous religious scholar in Pakistan. Abdul Malik Mujahid is currently working as the head of the books publishing house in Lahore. He authored many excellent books which give a brief count on the teachings of Islam, and every Muslim must read these books.

Sunehray Naqoosh Book is part of his series, which consists of the first word, Sunehray. And this was almost used with the other books, which became famous as Sunehre Auraq, Sunehri Baatein, and Sunehray Faisley.

He used concise sentences that lure the readers at first sight. Moreover, this book consists of the sayings and deeds of the most significant Muslim personalities. I hope you like Sunehray Naqoosh Pdf by Abdul Malik Mujahid and share it with your friends.

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