Shah Inayat Shaheed By Dr Shah Muhammad Marri Pdf

Book Name: Shah Inayat Shaheed

Writer: Dr. Shah Muhammad Marri


Dr. Shah Muhammad Marri is the author of the book Shah Inayat Shaheed Pdf. The author of this book is a well-known name for Balochi literature. Shah Muhammad Marri is somehow the best writer who much wrote about Balochistan. But, his most memorable work is stories about the courage of the Baloch nation.

The book Shah Inayat Shaheed Pdf by Shah Muhammad Marri is all about the Baloch nation’s greatest leader. People also know him by the name of Shah Shaheed or Sufi Shaheed because he stood tall against Mughal rulers’ aggression in that area. Later, he faced the fate of execution in the Mughal’s hands, but his works for the people of the region alive him forever.

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