Andheron Ke Qaflay Novel by Khan Asif Pdf

Book name: Andheron Ke Qaflay Novel

Writer: Khan Asif


Khan Asif is the author of the book Andheron Ke Qaflay Novel Pdf. He is a well-known writer, biographer, historian, and novelist. Khan Asif wrote many books on history and got appreciation from the readers. His exquisite and heart-catching style of writing incredible books gave him eternal fame among the Urdu novelists.

The book Andheron Ke Qaflay Novel Pdf by Khan Asif is excellent historical writing. This novelette describes the story of the Ghayas Ud Din Balaban, who falls in love with a girl but also faces many problems during his reigning the Sultanate. The ruler has to fight against the internal conspiracies that derailed the kingdom’s system. I hope you will like the book Andheron Ke Qaflay Novel and share it with your friends.

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