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Book name: Butshikan Novel

Writer: Khan Asif


Khan Asif is the author of the book Butshikan Novel Pdf. The author of the book is a great writer, biographer, journalist, and novelist. Khan Asif produced many super hit books such as Andheron Ke Qaflay, Allah Ke Safeer, and Allah Ke Wali. These best-selling books gave him much fame around the world. Now, you can download Khan Asif books in pdf format from this best Urdu website.

This book is another top-class writing by Khan Asif. He wrote it under the historical circumstances of Sultan Mehmood Ghazni, the Ghazni state ruler. He invaded India seventeen times, and once, he invaded the Hindu’s religious temple Somnath and destroyed everything which came in his way. Due to the destruction of the Somnath, people gave him the title of But Shikan.

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