Ertugrul Ghazi Novel by Muhammad Irfan Ramay Pdf

Book Name: Ertugrul Ghazi Novel

Writer: Muhammad Irfan Ramay


Ertugrul Ghazi Novel is an excellent story on the history of Muslims by Muhammad Irfan Ramay. It describes the lifespan and successes of the founder of the Usmania Sultanate. Ertugrul was the forefather of the rulers of Usmania Sultans. He was the son of Suleman Shah, the chief of the Qai tribe in Turkistan.

Ertugrul Ghazi defeated the Christian and other tribes in the region. Meanwhile, he developed a culture of love for the Holy Prophet SAW and Islam. He was an orthodox Muslim and follower of Sheikh Mohiuddin Ibne Arabi. In this book, Muhammad Irfan Ramay portrayed a positive picture of Ghazi Ertugrul and his tribal men.

After Ghazi Ertugrul, his son Usman became his successor and the tribal chief. He laid the foundation for the strengthened rule of the Muslims that continued for many years. The Sultans of the Usmania Sultanate held the powers and defeated the European nations.

Muhammad Irfan Ramay is an emerging story writer and novelist of Urdu. In his career, he authored many excellent books and serialized novels. Muhammad Irfan Ramay penned this book to glorify the Usmania Sultanate and Ghazi Ertugrul. He also used the fictional characters in the story presented in the drama Dirilis Ertugrul on PTV.

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