Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu By Pir Karam Shah Pdf

Book Name: Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu

Writer: Peer Muhammad Karam Shah


The book Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Urdu Pdf interprets the Holy Quran by Peer Muhammad Karam Shah. The author of this Tafseer is a prominent writer, scholar, and former justice. He worked as a judge in the federal Shariat court of Pakistan. Peer Muhammad Karam Shah authored many books on the different subjects of Islamic teachings. It is one of his most famous books of all time.

The book Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Pdf is a famous Sunni Tafsir of the Quran. It has been divided into five volumes, which are very easy to read and understand. The believers of the Quran find this Tafsir very comprehensive. The author put authentic references in it, which brought him to fame. Zia-ul-Quran Publications published it in 1995 in the Urdu language, which is still considered the most prolific. I hope you like the book Tafseer Zia Ul Quran Pdf by Pir Karam Shah and share it with your friends.

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