Tanbeeh ul Ghafileen by Abu laith Samarqandi Pdf

Book name: Tanbeeh ul Ghafileen

Writer: Abu Laith Samarqandi


Shaikh Abu Laith Samarqandi is the compiler of the very famous book Tanbeeh ul Ghafileen Pdf. He was a prominent theologian, Hanafi jurist, Muhadith, and an excellent Arabic language writer. Abu Laith Samarqandi searched for knowledge and got the Hadith’s primary education from the top Jurists of that time. Later on, he became one of the biggest theologians in history.

Tanbeeh ul Ghafileen Pdf is one of the most-read Islamic books ever. Abu Laith Samarqandi compiled this beautiful Islamic book into Arabic, which was later translated into many other languages. This booklet provides many whimsical teachings about life and after the life of this world. After all, it is one of the best-rated books Muslim scholars read.

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