Nafhat Ur Rehman by Syed Farooq Ul Qadri Pdf

Book Name: Nafhat Ur Rehman

Writer: Syed Muhammad Farooq Ul Qadri


Syed Muhammad Farooq Ul Qadri is the writer of the book Nafhat Ur Rehman pdf. The writer is a distinguished biographer and scholar. He wrote this biography to spread the teachings of his mentor. Not only did he write the memoir, but also individually showed his passionate feelings for his great master and Peer. It is only due to his mentor’s teachings that the writer got famous among the followers of his master.

This book Nafhat Ur Rehman pdf, is an Urdu version of the original context. It is the biography of Pir Abdur Rehman Bharchondi. Bgarchondi is the area where his mentor lives. That is why this word connotes the residential area of his great mentor.

Peer Abdur Rehman Bharchondi Sharif taught the people about Allah’s oneness and preached that there is no Prophet after Rasool Allah SAW. He also played a significant role during the independence of Pakistan. I hope you will like the book Nafhat Ur Rehman Urdu Pdf and share it with your social media friends.

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