Khatima Translation Adab Ul Mureedain Free Pdf

Book Name: Khatima Translation Adab Ul Mureedain

Writer: Hazrat Syed Husnain Gaisu Draz

Translator: Syed Yaseen Ali


Hazart Syed Husnain Gaisu Draz is the author of the book Khatima Translation Adab Ul Mureedain Pdf. It was a translation work which Syed Yaseen Ali made with the title of Khatima. The writer was a famous personality in the medieval reign of Naseer Ud Din Mehmood. He was the famous disciple of Hazrat Khawaja Nizam Ud Din Auliya Sarkar.

The book Khatima Translation Adab Ul Mureedain pdf is the best book on Tasawwaf. Hazrat Syed Husanain Gaisu Draz mentioned all important things which make the Tasawwaf complete. He also illuminated the basic things which are necessary for a true Mureed (Follower). Every follower should make his life according to the teachings given by the spiritual leader. Moreover, this book is the best work on the devotions for the disciples to the masters.

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