Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian Jahanghasht Pdf

Book Name: Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian Jahanghasht

Writer: Professor Muhammad Ayub Qadri


Professor Muhammad Ayub Qadri is the author of the book Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian Jahangasht Pdf. The author of the book is a prominent writer and researcher. He authored this book about the Sadaat Sufi, born in Bahawalpur near Uch Sharif, Pakistan. Many followers worldwide come here and pay tribute to him.

Hazrat Jahanian Jahanghasht has a famous lineage known as Suhrawardi. The writer wrote the biography of the renowned saint and Sufi of the Bukhari ancestor. It is an excellent achievement for the writer who describes the right path through books. So, please read it and spread knowledge about Sufism.

The book Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian Jahanghasht pdf is the biography of the life, character, and teachings of the most outstanding Sufi of Islam. Syed Ahmad Kabir was Hazrat Makhdoom Jahanian’s father and Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin’s grandson. Jalaluddin Surkh Posh Bukhari was the title of his grandfather. Moreover, this book details the great mystic Sufi of Islam.

So, read this biography of a great mystic Sufi to enlighten your hearts and minds. You can download Prof Muhammad Ayub Qadri Books here in Pdf. Now, Subscribe to the website and get updates on Islamic books. You can also read Hazrat Muhammad Bahasiat Mahir e Muashiyat, Seerat e Rasool e Akram, and Tajdar e Mohri Sharif.

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