Safaid Qila Novel By Orhan Pamuk Pdf

Book Name: Safaid Qila Novel

Writer: Orhan Pamuk


Orhan Pamuk is the author of the book White Castle, translated into Urdu with the title Safaid Qila Novel Pdf. He is a famous educationist, writer, novelist, and intellectual in Turkey. He authored dozens of books and novels that were converted into many other worlds,s languages. Moreover, Orhan Pamuk got a nobel prize for his unique services in literature.

The book Safaid Qila Novel Pdf is a social, historical, and motivational story. In this novel, Orhan Pamuk describes the life of an Italian scholar captured by the Ottoman empire. The soldiers arrested him and presented him before the Caliph of the state. The ruler was impressed with the man’s knowledge and offered to work for him. He has the desire to make some masterpieces in science and technology.

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