Riyasat Urdu by Aflatoon Download Pdf

Book name: Riyasat (Republic)

Writer: Aflatoon (Plato)

Translator: Zakir Hussain


Plato (Urdu name Aflatoon) is the author of the book Republic – Riyasat Urdu pdf. He was a great philosopher of classical Athens. He was the student of Socrates (also a great philosopher) and gave the idea of freedom of speech. Aristotle was the disciple of the greatest master Plato who led the foundation of an Academy, and it was the first kind of institution in the western world.

The book is the Urdu translation of the book Republic by Plato. Aflatoon wrote this book and got a high position among the contemporary philosophers of that time. He gave new symptoms of ruling on the people, and his book was translated into many other world languages. Still, his book is read by the top universities in the world. Zakir Hussain translated this very famous book into the Urdu language.

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