Stupid White Men Urdu by Michael Moore Pdf

Book Name: Stupid White Men Urdu

Writer: Michael Moore

Translator: Hassan Abidi


Michael Moore is the author of the book Stupid White Men Pdf. Hassan Abidi translated the English book into the Urdu which was the best-seller on New York Times. The author of the popular book was an American journalist who excellently wrote about the people of America. He got fame by writing this superb book which remained on top for many weeks.

The book Stupid White Men Urdu Pdf is about the habits and customs of the people of USA. In this book, the author told of their social and economic conditions overall. It is such an excellent book on the white people of US who think of themselves as the superior one. The book told their living standards and their habits in the lights of policies mentioned in the constitution of America. I hope you will like the book Stupid White Men Urdu Pdf.

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