Bible Quran Aur Science By Maurice Bucaille Pdf

Book Name: Bible Quran Aur Science

Author: Maurice Bucaille


The book Bible Quran Aur Science Pdf is the Urdu translation of the Bible, The Quran, And Science. Maurice Bucaille was a French medical doctor who later changed his religion into Muslim. He was also a family doctor of Saudi Arabia’s King Faisal. Besides this, he also remained a physician of President of Egypt Anwar Sadat.

The book Bible Quran Aur Science Pdf contains the facts of science with the sacred book Quran. According to Maurice Bucaille, Quran has correct facts about everything mentioned in it. He also gave references from the Bible, another famous divine of origin revealed on Jesus (Hazrat Esa A.S).

In this book, The Bible, The Quran, And Science, he described facts about everything Christians denied. We hope our readers will like the book Bible Quran Aur Science Pdf by Maurice Bucaille and share it with your friends.

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