Rood e Kausar By Shaikh Muhammad Ikram Pdf

Book Name: Rood e Kausar

Writer: Shaikh Muhammad Ikram


The book Rood e Kausar Pdf defines the Mughal history briefly. Shaikh Muhammad Ikram authored the series of books and it is one of them. He was the civil servant but, he had much command over the subject of history. Aab e Kausar and Mauj e Kausar are two other parts which make the series complete.

The book Rood e Kausar Pdf tells the post period of the Mughals. Zaheer Ud Din Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi and became the first Mughal emperor of Dehli. After his death, Humayun became the ruler who faced Sher Shah Suri and faced defeat by him. After ten years, he regained the throne where the Mughal history saw internal incarnation and exploitation. It is an excellent book which described the entire Mughal ruling period until Bahadur Shah Zafar found his fate in Rangoon. I hope you will like this book Rood e Kausar Pdf.

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