Freud Nazria Tahleel e Nafsi By Dr Naeem Ahmad Pdf

Book Name: Freud Nazria Tahleel e Nafsi

Writer: Dr. Naeem Ahmad


Dr. Naeem Ahmed is the author of the book Sigmund Freud Nazria Tahleel e Nafsi Pdf. This book is about the Austrian great Psychiatrist and Neurologist who founded a clinic of psychopathology. Sigmund Freud was his name who gave a new and modern technique of discovering things from the patient by using this method.

The book Freud Nazria Tahleel e Nafsi Pdf is about Sigmund Freud’s theory of neurology. Sigmund Freud founded a new psychoanalysis method and became famous worldwide. It is a method in which a patient is diagnosed, and a dialogue is created between him and a psychoanalyst. It is such an excellent book that details the treatment of patients.

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