Jang e Azeem Awwal By Syed Fazal Ullah Bukhari Pdf

Book Name: Jang e Azeem Awwal

Writer: Syed Muhammad Fazal Ullah Bukhari


The book Jang e Azeem Awwal Pdf also known as the great war, first world war, and war to end all wars, was one of the greatest wars in the history of the world. Syed Muhammad Fazal Ullah Bukhari authored the book which described the history of WW1. It is all about the political scenario which led to the mass destruction of millions of people.

This book Jang e Azeem Awwal Pdf is the Urdu version which makes it easy for the readers to understand the entire theory of the war. The Great War started soon after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. He was the heir to the throne of Hungry and Austria, which Serbia and Russia dethroned. The following book Jang e Azeem Awwal Pdf tells the entire detail briefly.

There were two alliances: Russia, French, Great Britain & Ireland, later joined by Japan and the United States of America. On the other side, Hungry, Ottoman Empire, Germany, Austria, and Bulgaria stood against the big alliance. The war ended as 7 million people died and 9 million combatants killed in that war, whereas millions of people got wounded. I hope you will like the book Jang e Azeem Awwal Pdf by Fazal Ullah Bukhari and share it with your friends.

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