Muwatta Imam Malik Urdu Translation Pdf Download

Book Name: Muwatta Imam Malik

Writer: Imam Malik Bin Anas R.A


Imam Malik Bin Anas R.A compiled the book Muwatta Imam Malik Urdu Pdf. The author of the book was a great scholar of Islam. He is one of the most significant followers of the companions of Rasool Allah, who always spent their entire life for the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah. They directly engaged with the companions of the Holy Prophet and preferred this knowledge over everything in his life.

The book Muwatta Imam Malik Urdu Pdf is the first-ever most trusted compilation of Hadith. This book of Hadees is the first collection of Ahadith, which Imam Malik Bin Anas compiled and became the first person who worked for Hadith. It is the compilation of the sayings, deeds, and tacit approval of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad PBUH. This book of Hadees is regarded as the best compilation of Maliki Fiqh. So, read and download Muwatta Imam Malik here in pdf.

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