Al Rashad By Syed M Suleman Ashraf Pdf

Book Name: Al Rashad Urdu

Writer: Prof. Syed Suleman Ashraf


The book Al Rashad PDF is another excellent monumental writing by Syed Muhammad Suleman Ashraf. The author is a writer and scholar who wrote the history of India in a brilliant style. Syed Suleman Ashraf authored a series of books, the continuing part of the book Al Noor.

The book Al Rashad PDF tells the history of the early days after the end of the First World War. British Govt tried various tricks to get the sympathy of the Muslims of United India, which eventually failed. Muslims of India started different movements with the help of top leadership.

They started the Khilafat movement and the Non-cooperation movement, which impacted a lot on the politics of the Indian Subcontinent. I hope you will like the book Al Rashad PDF by Syed Suleman Ashraf and share it.

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