Begmat Ke Aansoo by Khawaja Hassan Nizami Pdf

Book Name: Begmat Ke Aansoo

Writer: Khawaja Hassan Nizami


Khawaja Hassan Nizami is a great writer in the history of Urdu literature. He was the grandson of Khwaja Jamal Ud Din, the prominent disciple of Hazrat Baba Fareed Ud Din Ganj e Shakar R.A. Khawaja Jamal taught the teachings of Islam, which he learned from his mentor. He was the great disciple of Peer Mehar Ali Shah of Golra Sharif.

After the successful lessons, Khawaja Hassan became the religious leader. The book Begmat Ke Aansoo is the classical work of the writer who wrote on history and got appreciation from the readers. The book Begmat Ke Aansoo pdf is the best book on history. Khwaja Hassan Nizami tried to write the history of the Mughal emperors in the Indian subcontinent.

The Begmat Ke Aansoo Book pdf briefly counts the War of Independence of 1857. The East India Company crashed the rebellion, which was the staunch followers of the Mughal rule. The British government sent Bahadur Shah Zafar into exile in Burma, where he breathed his last. Moreover, the royal women remained in the custody of the British forces who played with their souls.

The boo Begmat Ke Aansoo pdf is a heart-wrenching story of the downfall of the Mughal sultanate. Bahadur Shah Zafar was the last emperor of the Mughal rule who faced ultimate defeat by the East India Company in 1857. Instead, he ruled the kingdom; Bahadur Shah Zafar didn’t look after the sultanate’s matters, which led to its downfall later. I hope you like Begmat Ke Aansoo Pdf and share it with your friends.

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