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Book Name: Mera Bhai

Writer: Fatima Jinnah


Fatima Jinnah is the author of the book Mera Bhai Pdf. She wrote this biography in English ‘My Brother’ and got a lot of appreciation around the world. She was the younger sister of the founding father of Pakistan. In her book, she mentioned many great things about the life of his brother. She discussed in detail about the struggles of Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. This book is one of the greatest gifts for the Pakistani nation.

The book Mera Bhai Pdf gives a brief count on the whole life of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. It gives a detail line when Quaid started to participate for the independence of the holy land. He with other great founders worked hard and set a separate demand before the British parliament.

Lucknow pact was the biggest deal which opened the way for the independent homeland of the Muslims. But, Muhammad Ali Jinnah great advocacy for the Muslims paved a new way for the Muslims of United India. So, this book Mera Bhai pdf is a great work by the great sister of the great leader of Pakistan. By profession, she was a dentist, and Fatima Jinnah also participated in the politics of Pakistan. I hope you will like this book Mera Bhai pdf.

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