Ashfaq Ahmed Books List And Biography

Ashfaq Ahmed (Urdu Name: اشفاق احمد) was the legendary Urdu poet, Drama Navease, novelist, translator and Broadcaster from Pakistan. His drama serial Aik Mohabbat So Afsane Pakistani television’s everlasting drama serial. He is one of the most popular intellectuals in the history of Indian Subcontinent. Ashfaq Ahmed became famous through radio channel where his stories on-aired for years.

Early Life

Ashfaq Ahmed Khan was born on 22 August 1925, in Khanpur, a small village in Hoshiarpur, India. His father Doctor Muhammad Khan was a capable and hardworking Pathan. His house was a factory of conservativeness but, he broke all stereotypes ahead. Moreover, he made all the things possible which considered as reluctant in his family.


After the birth of Ashfaq Ahmed, his father Dr Mohammad Khan transferred from Khanpur (India) to Ferozepur. He started his educational career from the village where he resided. And passed matriculation examination in 1943 from Maksatar a town of Ferozepur. He passed his intermediate examination from ‘Ram Sikh Das’ college of the same town.

Apart from this, he did his B.A (graduation) from RSD College with discretionary numbers. After the creation of Pakistan, Ashfaq Ahmed migrated along with his family from India to Pakistan. After coming to Pakistan, he got admission in Urdu department of Government College University Lahore.

Higher Education

Ashfaq Ahmed did his Masters in Urdu from Government College Lahore. He did diplomas in Italian and French from Rome University and Gray University France. Besides this, he got specialised training from New York University.


Ashfaq Ahmed worked as Urdu lecturer in Dial Singh College Lahore for two years. Later, he left Lahore for Rome where he appointed as the Urdu teacher at Rome University. Literary work Dastan Go and weekly magazine Lail O Nahar was his great exposure to Urdu literature.

During the days in GC University Lahore, he fell in love with Bano Qudsia. It was a two-sided love which later ended in the shape of matrimonial life. Now, Bano Qudsia becomes the wife of the legend Urdu writer Ashfaq Ahmad.

Literary Services

In 1953, he wrote a famous Afsana Gadaria which acclaimed him worldwide fame. He used Punjabi words in Urdu as creative writing which was the masterpiece art of him. Since 1965, he started a weekly program with the name of Talqeen Shah on radio Pakistan Lahore. Due to its specific style of humour and everyday conversation, the popularity of this drama lasted for more than thirty years.

  • Fiction Writing

  1. Aik Mohabbat So Afsane
  2.  Asodgi
  3. Aik Mohabbat So Dramay
  4. Band Gali
  5. Gadaria
  6. Ujlay Phool
  7. Shehr e Arzoo
  8. Wida i Jang
  9. Subhane Fasane
  10. Man Chaly Ka Soda
  11. Hairat Kadah
  12. Nange Paon
  13. Tota Kahani
  14. Talism Hosh Afza
  15. Khail Tamasha
  16. Uchay Burj Lahu De
  17. Shahla Kot
  18. Phulkari
  • Drama Writing

  1. Baba Sahiba
  2. Man Chale Ka Soda
  3. Aik Zakhm Aur Sahi
  4. Tota Kahani
  5. Aik Mohabbat So Afsane
  • Radio Plays

Talqeen Shah (تلقین شاہ) was his best ever radio play which serialised for more than thirty years. It was an art of his thinking which fetched the attention of radio listeners.

  • Fun and Humor

  1. Kalamkaar
  2. Garma Garm
  • Novelette

Mehman e Bahar And, (کھیل تماشا) Khail Tamasha

  • Travelogue

(سفر در سفر) Safar Dar Safar

  • Poetry

(کھٹیا وٹیا) Khatiya Watiya

  • Translations

(ودائے جنگ) an Urdu translation of A Farewell to Arms.

(چنگیزخان کے سنہری شاہین) translation of The Golden Hawks of Genghis Khan.

(دوسروں سے نباہ) Getting Along with Others.

  • TV Plays

  1. Aik Mohabbat So Dramay
  2. Qilla Kahani
  3. Taali Thalay
  4. Hasrat e Tameer
  5. Aur Dramay
  6. Zavia
  • Feature Film

Dhoop Aur Saaye (دھوپ اور سائے)

Awards and Nominations

He received pride of performance award in 1979. Sitara e Imtiaz Award is another excellent tendency to him.

Last Days and Death

In his last days of life, Ashfaq Ahmed joined a Sufi club of thought. Mumtaz Mufti and Qudratullah Shahab gave him close association. He often used to get together in Baithak but, Zavia was the best at all. Zavia Program on-aired on Pakistan Television in which he showed his inclination towards Sufism.

Ashfaq Ahmed died of pancreatic cancer on 7th September 2007. Now, he has millions of fans and followers all over the world. Aik Mohabbat So Afsane and Gadariya are his most remarkable books. His grave is present in Model Town, Lahore.

By reading this article about the legend Ashfaq Ahmed, you’ll definitely admire him. So far as his literary works are concerned, he is the example of creative writing. You can also read Zavia By Ashfaq Ahmed & Raja Gidh Novel & Bano Qudsia Books List And Biography.

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