Naqsh e Hayat By Hussain Ahmed Madni Pdf

Book Name: Naqsh e Hayat

Writer: Syed Hussain Ahmed Madni


Syed Hussain Ahmed Madni wrote the book Naqsh e Hayat Pdf. The book’s author belonged to Darul Uloom Deoband, and he was the administrator of this thought of school. Syed Hussain Ahmad Madni was a religious scholar and a political leader who participated in India’s freedom movement. During the first general elections, he supported the Indian National Congress and worked for them.

The book Naqsh e Hayat Pdf is an autobiography of the writer. He discussed his life and the events that happened during his lifetime. It contains the political period when he joined the Indian national congress. Syed Hussain Ahmad Madni describes the movements launched against British rule in the Indian subcontinent. Moreover, he played a significant role in showing the right path to the Muslims of British India.

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