Kulliyat e Saghar By Saghar Siddiqui Pdf Free

Book Name: Kulliyat e Saghar

Writer: Saghar Siddiqui


The book Kulliyat e Saghar Pdf is a beautiful collection of poetry by Sagar Siddiqui. He was born India but, moved to Lahore, Pakistan later where he led his entire life. Muhammad Akhtar was his real name, and Saghar was his pseudonym which became popular among the people. He was poor and remained homeless until his last days. He was found dead at the roadside of  Mall road, Lahore which buried at Miani Sahib graveyard.

“Aao Ik Sajda Karen Aalim e Madhoshi Mein”

“Log Kehty Hain Ke Saghar Ko Khuda Yad Nhi”

The book Kulliyat e Saghar Pdf is a beautiful compilation of sad poetry. He was not famous in his earlier days but, became popular before his death. His poetry touches the hearts of the readers that is why poetry lovers still like and read his poems. I hope you will like this book Kulliyat e Saghar Pdf.

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