Kulliyat e Zahoori by Muhammad Ali Zahoori Pdf

Book Name: Kulliyat e Zahoori

Writer: Muhammad Ali Zahoori


The book Kulliyat e Zahoori pdf is written by Muhammad Ali Zahoori. The author of the poetry book is a famous Naat reciter and poet. He recited many Naats in the love of Rasool Allah SAW. His love of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) gave him much respect among the Naat Khawan. Most of his poetry consists of the praise of Rasool e Akhirat SAWW.

The book Kulliyat e Zahoori Pdf is a beautiful collection of poetry. This book is the compilation of some Punjabi poetry. Most of the poetry contains the love for Holy Prophet PBUH. He always focused on two languages for his poetry i.e., Urdu and Punjabi. That is why he earned the name in these two languages by reciting the Naats.

I hope you will like this book Kulliyat e Zahoori Pdf. You can download Muhammad Ali Zahoori’s books in Pdf. You may read Sawaneh Anbiya, Qatra Qatra Qulzam and Kulliyat e Dagh.

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