Kalam e Bedam By Syed Bedam Shah Warsi Pdf

Book Name: Kalam e Bedam

Writer: Bedam Shah Warsi


Bedam Shah Warsi is the author of the book Kalam e Bedam Pdf. He was the disciple of the famous Sufi Saint Haji Waris Ali Shah Almaroof Sarkar Waris Pak. He got his initial education from the mystic Sufi which he later, mentioned on many occasions in his books.

The book Kalam e Bedam Pdf is another excellent poetry collection by Bedam Warsi. This poetry contains Naat, Hamad, Qaseeda, Manqabat, and many other Poems. Besides this, it also touches on ghazals and beautiful Kalaams which have a touch of Sufism. This book is full of Sufi Kalam which pours sweetness into the hearts of the listeners.

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