Kulliyat e Faiz By Faiz Ahmed Faiz Pdf

Book Name: Kulliyat e Faiz – Nuskha Hai Wafa

Writer: Faiz Ahmed Faiz


The book Kulliyat e Faiz Pdf is written by Faiz Amed Faiz. He is one of the greatest poets in the history of Urdu literature. He wrote many excellent books in which Zindan Nama, Lafz Lafz, and Sham e Shehr e Yaran became famous among poetry lovers. Most of the books possess high-quality results, which lure the readers.

The book Kulliyat e Faiz PDF is another of his best compilations by him. It is the collection of his best poems, stanzas, and ghazals. The book of poetry contains beautiful words for the readers. Faiz received the Pakistani government’s Sitar e Imtiaz award for his best work. After resuming his Marxist ideologies, the Russian government also awarded him the Lenin Award. I hope you like the Kulliyat e Faiz PDF book and share it with your social media friends.

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  1. Very emotional to obtain the masterpiece of great poet Faiz so easily.Love Faiz so much. Hope you help me understand Faiz with Sarah of kalami.Thanks librarypk.


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