Main Aur Mera Pakistan By Imran Khan Download Pdf

Book Name: Main Aur Mera Pakistan

Writer: Imran Khan


Imran Khan is the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. He is the most successful political leader in the history of Pakistan. He wrote the book Main Aur Mera Pdf which is an autobiography of him. His willful and energetic style separates him from the other persons.

Imran born in Lahore in 1952 and got the education at Aitchison College Lahore. Pakistan can’t forget his services because he is the only cricketer who made his cricket as World Champion of 1992. The book Main Aur Mera Pakistan Pdf is all about his successes.

This book Main Aur Mera Pakistan Pdf is the autobiography of Imran Khan. It tells the lifespan, achievements, difficulties, and personal pieces of information. Imran told in his book about his career start when he was reading in the Keble College, Oxford.

We hope that you will like the book Main Aur Mera Pakistan Pdf. Here on, You can read more about Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. You can also read Mazhab Aur Dharm, Haq Ki Talash and Main Kisi Ki Beti Nahi.

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