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Book Name: Ibn e Rushd

Writer: Professor Younas Ansari


Abul Walid Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Ibn Rushd was one of the greatest polymaths of in the world’s history. Professor Muhammad Younas wrote the book Ibn e Rushd pdf on the lifespan and works of the great philosopher. He authored this biography and got appreciation from the masses. This book describes the marvellous works of the great scholar and philosopher. He belonged to the Maliki school of Islamic Jurisprudence and negated the theories presented by Imam Ghazali.

The book Ibn e Rushd Pdf is the biography of the greatest polymath of world’s history. Averroes was the Latin title of Ibn Rushd who worked in politics, theology, psychology, mathematics, astronomy, physics, and geography. He born in Spain and died in Morocco. His classical distributions in every field of life cherished his huge success in the whole world. Now, every country of the world is taking benefit from his works. Moreover, European countries have paid many tributes to the legendary man of the history of the world. I hope you will like this book Ibn e Rushd Urdu Pdf.

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