Muntakhab ul Tawarikh by Abdul Qadir Badayuni Pdf

Book name: Muntakhab ul Tawarikh

Writer: Abdul Qadir Badayuni


Mulla Abdul Qadir Badayuni is the author of the book Muntakhab Ul Tawarikh Pdf. The compiler of this very famous book was an excellent translator and a historian at the Mughal era in the Indian subcontinent. He translated two very high-genic historical texts into the Persian language like Mahabharata and Ramayana. These books gave him much fame in the Mughal court.

The book is another very informative work by Abdul Qadir Badayuni. Mulla Abdul Qadir Badaynui wrote about the Mughal empires, especially how the Mughal Emperors ruled India. This booklet contains Zaheer Ud Din Muhammad Babur’s detail, his son Humayun, and Akbar the great. Moreover, this book is a historical document that you can download and read in the Urdu language.

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