Mamlat e Hazrat Ali Urdu By Qayyum Nizami Pdf

Book Name: Mamlat e Hazrat Ali R.A

Writer: Qayyum Nizami


Qayyum Nizami is the author of the book Mamlat e Hazrat Ali Pdf. It is an excellent writing on the life, services, rule, governance, policies, and reforms of Maula Ali A.S as the head of Madina’s state. He was a companion of Rasool Allah SAW and the son of Abu Talib, the Prophet of Islam’s uncle.

Maula Ali A.S was the husband of Syeda Fatima S.A and the father of Hussain and Hassan A.S. He accepted Islam at a bit of age and announced his support for the Holy Prophet SAW. He served Islam with himself and wealth even in the difficult time of the Hijrah.

Hazrat Ali A.S was a brave man who dared to fight in the battles. He played a vital role in the victory of the Muslims in the Ghazwat of Badar and Khyber. During their ruling time, he was an advisor of Hazrat Abubakar, Hazrat Umar, and Hazrat Usman. Maula Ali R.A took charge of the government in a panic situation after the Shahadat of Hazrat Usman R.A.

In the book Mamlat e Hazrat Ali, the author mentioned the governance system of Hazrat Ali A.S. He brought many reforms in the justice system and Bait Ul Maal. He also fought against the Khawarij and suppressed their rebellion. Qayyum Nizami also talked about their relations with other Sahaba Karam R.A.

About the writer of Mamlat e Hazrat Ali A.S:

Qayyum Nizami is a famous writer, columnist, politician, and researcher. In his political career, he was affiliated with the Pakistan people’s party and remained a cabinet member. Later, he turned his attention to writing and penned some excellent books on Islam, politics, and history. His book series on Seerat Un Nabi and Khulafa Rashideen viral to the readers.

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