Afzal Ul Rusal by Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah Pdf

Book Name: Afzal Ul Rusal

Writer: Syed M. Hussain Shah Alipur


Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah Alipur is the writer of the book Afzal Ul Rusal Pdf. He is a great speaker and religious scholar. His father, Jamat Ali Shah, was also a great scholar with many followers. His grandfather took participation at the time of the indendepnce of Pakistan. Now, he and his family play an essential role in expanding the teachings of Islam.

The book Afzal Ul Rusal Pdf is the biography of the last messenger of Allah. Allah sent many prophets and messengers to the earth to show the right path and prohibit people from wrong evil. But, sent them only to the limited jurisdiction, and finally, the last Prophet came to the earth as the Prophet of the universe. So, this book is about the lifespan, and holy teachings of Rasool Allah SAW.

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