Harf e Aghaz By Dr Azhar Waheed Pdf Download

Book Name: Harf e Aghaz

Writer: Dr Azhar Waheed


Dr. Azhar Waheed writes the book Harf e Aghaz Pdf. This book is about Islam and essays on life. It is such a great work of the writer that he mentioned the basic principles of Islam. Tauheed is the subject of the booklet, and the other guides are the following parts of it. The purpose behind the creation of this universe is the first and foremost thing of this book. Initially, this book was published in Wasif Khayal Magazine but, now available in booklet form.

Dr. Azhar Waheed is a prominent writer and physician by profession. He has a great love for his mentor Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif. Due to the teachings of his master, Azhar Waheed got an inclination towards Sufism and Tasawaf. That is the reason he wrote on the said topics in this book. It is one of the best books which contains scientific terms concerning human life.

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