Gehri Chaal Novel by Aatir Shaheen Pdf Free

Book Name: Gehri Chaal

Writer: Aatir Shaheen


Aatir Shaheen is a viral story writer and novelist. He regularly wrote for the leading digests and gained enormous fame among Urdu writers. Now, Aatir Shaheen has become the favorite Urdu author, which is why women like and read her books. This book, Gehri Chaal Novel, is another excellent book by Aatir Shaheen, and you can download her novels from this best Urdu site.

The booklet Gehri Chaal Novel Pdf by Aatir Shaheen is a fantastic novelette. She tells the behaviors and attitudes of the people who make the lives of others so difficult. They become the reason for the incidents by their rubbish views and cause severe damage to the lives of others. It is a great story that unveils the hypocritic faces of the people. I hope you will like the book Gehri Chaal Novel Pdf by Aatir Shaheen and share it.

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