Abhi Dair Nahi Hui Novel By Farrukh Anwar Chohan Pdf

Book Name: Abhi Dair Nahi Hui Novel

Writer: Farrukh Anwar Chohan


The book Abhi Dari Nahi Hui Novel Pdf is a well-written story by Farrukh Anwar Chohan. It is a story of a young Muslim boy who later, turned as an atheist. By birth, he was a Muslim but, with the passage of time, he changed his mind. He was now living in a situation where his survival was very difficult. At last, he met a Muslim scholar who by his teachings changed his thinking. The time passed and he realized the reality of being a Muslim.

Farrukh Anwar Chohan is an exceptional writer, playwright, and novelist. He has been writing for a long time and till now, he has penned a number of blockbuster novels. Khwahish e Mukarram and Sheh Aur Maat are the two excellent novels that brought him to mainstream fame. His excellent writing skills gave him much recognition throughout his career. I hope you will also like this book Abhi Dair Nahi Hui Novel Pdf and share it with the others.

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