Dhaka Se Farar Novel by A Hameed Free Pdf

Book Name: Dhaka Se Farar Novel

Writer: A Hameed


A Hameed penned the book Dhaka Se Farar Novel Pdf. He is one of the best Urdu writers of all time in the Indian subcontinent. Abdul Hameed is a great fiction writer, short story writer, historian, biographer, and novelist. He authored more than five hundred books and novels according to general perception. Every Urdu reader knows him very well and praises his services for Urdu.

This book is a masterpiece of historical work. A Hameed wrote this book in the context of the separation of East Pakistan from West Pakistan. East Pakistan came to appear as the state of Bangladesh with the help of India. Mukti Bahni played a pivotal role in the debacle of East Pakistan. This booklet describes the atrocities of the Mukti Bahni and the traitors from Bangladesh. Those events ended at Dhaka’s fall and the separation of the eastern part of Pakistan.

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