Tareekh e Najd o Hijaz by Abdul Qayyum Qadri Pdf

Book name: Tareekh e Najd o Hijaz

Writer: Abdul Qayyum Qadri


Abdul Qayyum Hazarvi Qadri is the author of the book Tareekh e Najd o Hijaz Pdf. The author of this informative Islamic book is a prominent scholar. He is the founding father of Jamia Nizamia Rizvia Lahore. He gave much importance to this school and became the head of the Maktab. Mufti Abdul Qayyum wrote many great books and got applauded by the readers.

Tareekh e Najd o Hijaz Pdf is another excellent book in Islamic history. It contains the basic knowledge about the Najd, i.e., Riyadh province of Saudi Arabia. It was when the British government tried to separate the Muslims as they were the emblem of unity in the world. Abdul Wahab Najdi was the man who created some of the troubles in the way of Muslims and the Ottoman Empire.

It was the beginning of the Salafi and Najdi movements in Saudi Arabia. Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab led the foundation of the Najdi movement with the cooperation of the British government. With the end of the Ottoman Empire, Abdul Wahab founded a new rule under the name of Saudi Arabia, and he trashed out all the sacred places from the Holy cities.

Moreover, this book tells about the worst days when sacred shrines, minarets, and other sacred graveyards of the Holy personalities were demolished by the Saudi newly established government. Tareekh e Najd o Hijaz is the best historical book describing difficult moments.

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