Allah Ke Mujahid by Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi Pdf

Book Name: Allah Ke Mujahid

Writer: Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi


Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is the author of the book Allah Ke Mujahid pdf. Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is a well-known name to Urdu readers. He got appreciation from the readers due to his excellent work in the Urdu language. Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is a great writer, biographer, and novelist. His beautiful books always remained the best; hence, he became famous worldwide.

The book Allah Ke Mujahid pdf by Sarfraz Ahmad Rahi is the biography of the greatest Muslim commanders. This book is full of historical events that changed the world. It includes the events which happened during the lifetime of Rasool Allah SAW. The followers and companions of the Holy Prophet turned into the greatest conqueror of the world.

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