Firdous e Iblees Novel By Inayatullah Pdf Download

Book Name: Firdous e Iblees

Writer: Inayatullah


The book Firdous e Iblees Novel is a brilliant kind of writing by Inayatullah. He is one of the most favourite Pakistani writers all time. Altamash is another name of this stalwart author who wrote Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki. He is a well-known writer, journalist, editor, historian, and novelist. A lot of excellent he has in his credit which gave him tremendous fame.

This book Firdous e Iblees Novel Pdf is an Islamic adventure history story by Inayatullah. It is the story of the cunning man Hassan Bin Sabah who built paradise in Alamut, Iran. His notorious activities have been the part of the history. Still, he is famous for his killing method which he used centuries ago. Apparently, he was notorious but, he has following huge people who protected him just due to his cunning tricks. I hope you will like this book Firdous e Iblees Novel Pdf.

Now at Library Pk, You can Download Inayatullah Novels in Pdf. You may also Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki, Sangtarash and Hazrat Loot A.S.

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