Yousaf Bin Tashfeen by Naseem Hijazi Download Free Pdf

Book name: Yousaf Bin Tashfeen

Writer: Naseem Hijazi


Naseem Hijazi is the author of the book Yousaf Bin Tashfeen Novel pdf. He is one of the top writers of the Urdu literature. He always wrote on the history and struggles of the Muslims in the world. Naseem Hijazi was a great writer, novelist, and historian who penned to repeat the glory of the Muslim. So, due to his excellent work of describing the history earned him a lot of success across Pakistan.

The book Yousaf Bin Tashfeen Novel pdf free is the masterpiece work of the writer. He wrote to revive the glory of the great Muslim commander of Morroco (Marrakesh). Yousaf Bin Tashfeen fought against the Alfonso who was the ruler of Spain of that time. He defeated him in the battlefield of Zalaqa and opened a new way for the Muslims in the Europe. Moreover, due to his tremendous victory over the Spanish ruler, he helped the Muslims to live with freedom. And, they stayed there for more than two hundred years in Spain. I hope you will like this book Yousaf Bin Tashfeen Novel pdf.

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