Al Biruni Urdu by Muhammad Hassan Burni Pdf

Book Name: Al Biruni Urdu

Writer: Muhammad Hassan Burni


Muhammad Hassan Burni is the author of the book Al Biruni Urdu pdf. The author of the book is a famous writer and historian. He wrote about the life of the great personality of the medieval period.

Abu Rehan Al-Biruni was the original name of the most remarkable man in the history of the world. He was born in Khwarezm, now Persia, Iran, and died at the Ghazi of Afghanistan. His contributions to the many subjects of the natural sciences brought him high fame worldwide.

The book Al Biruni Urdu pdf is the best book on the lifespan and achievements of the great historian and philosopher of history. Al-Baroni was a great astronomer, polymath, geographer, historian, linguist, and mathematician. His great work in many fields gave him much influence over the post personalities of the world.

Furthermore, he gave the idea that elaborated on the earth’s radius and circumference. Not only does this theory recognize his fame, but also, moon difference faces discovery was a great work by Al Biruni. He came to India and wrote the social conditions of the subcontinent with the title of Kitab Ul Hind. This book describes the socio-political scenario of ancient India.

Moreover, the book is the historical encyclopedia of world history. I hope you will like the book Al Biruni Urdu Pdf and share it with your friends. You can download Muhammad Hassan Burni Books on our site in pdf. You can also read Ibn e Rushd1947 Ke Mazalim Ki Kahani, and Seerat Hazrat Syedna Imam Hussain.

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