Tareekh Ul Islam By Shaykh Muhammad Mian Pdf

Book Name: Tareekh Ul Islam

Writer: Shaykh Muhammad Mian


Shaykh Muhammad Mian is the author of the book Tareekh Ul Islam Pdf. This book is an honorable gift for all Muslims because it is one of the most remarkable Islamic books. This book is the most precious because it has everything that Muhammad P.B.U.H.’s followers want to read.

The book Tareekh Ul Islam Pdf contains every subject which refers to the last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. The book starts with the Holy life of Rasool Allah and covers all aspects, especially childhood, character, and well-disciplined life. Besides this, it also highlights the holy life in Makkah and Madina, in which Rasool e Kareem preached to the people in unique ways.

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