Ammad Ud Din Zangi by Aslam Rahi Download Pdf

Book name: Ammad Ud Din Zangi

Writer: Aslam Rahi MA


Aslam Rahi MA is the author of this novel Ammad Ud Din Zangi. The author is a prolific writer among the Urdu writers. He is the most reverent novelist. His most accomplished books earned him the title of historian because he wrote many novels on history. Muslim heroes and rulers always remained on the top in Aslam Rahi MA stories.

The novel Ammad Ud Din Zangi by Aslam Rahi MA is the biography of the great warrior. He was the father of the greatest ruler and Crusade warrior Sultan Noor Ud Din Zangi. It was a very crucial time when Muslims scattered in different parts. Then, Ammad Ud Din united them against Christians and Byzantinians. Muslims fought with bravery under the leadership of the great warrior.

After the death of the Ammad Ud Din Zangi, his son led the Muslim forces. He wanted to regain the sacred place, but he could not succeed. Moreover, his dream came to reality in the reign of Salah Ud Din Ayubi. Who conquered the Bait ul Maqdas. The founder of the Zangi dynasty was the man of steel on the battlefield. Aslam Rahi MA describes all the story in detail.

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