Aqwal e Zinda Quaid Kay Farmoodat Download Free Pdf

Book name: Aqwal e Zinda Quaid Kay Farmoodat

Writer: Dr. Rafique Ahmed


Aqwal e Zinda Quaid Kay Farmoodat Book is written by Dr. Rafique Ahmed. The author of the book is a well-known personality among the Urdu readers. He wrote many books and got fame worldwide. He is prominent intellectual and a great writer. Most of his books contains the visual things that is why he has different recognition.

This Aqwal e Zinda Quaid Kay Farmoodat Book is another great work by Dr. Rafique Ahmed. It is the biography on Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinah. This book consists of his sayings, his deeds and acts during his lifetime. He struggled hard to get the separate homeland for the Muslims. Finally, in the shape of Pakistan, Muslims of the Subcontinent found a new track of life under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinah. I hope you will like Aqwal e Zinda Quaid Kay Farmoodat Book.

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